Friday, May 3, 2013

The Adventures of Link, the Awesome Pug

Hi. My Name is Link.

I'm the happiest pug in the world.

I love my mom and my dad.

I'm a little bit of a creeper.

I'm a bit of a funny sleeper.

I love to run and feel the sun on my back and the grass beneath my toes.

I'm silly.

I love to pose for pictures.

And I love to lick my nose.

I can do tricks, and I know many many words and phrases.

I'm also really cute.

This is me with some of my friends.

Here's me and my mom:

And me and my daddy:

And me and my bestest friend Martine!

I love to watch people outside go by.

You can find me and my adventures here.

Here's a few extra pictures of me! Woof woof!!!

Monday, April 8, 2013

Want To Be In One Of My Blog Posts?

Want to be in one of my blog posts?

Give me a few seconds of your time, and you could be in one!

Answer these 2 questions for me:

In the past 48 hours, what are three random things that you have searched for on your phone's internet browser?

1. Polygamy
2. Giant Squids
3. The World's Population

What top 3 sites do you look at on your phone's internet browser?
1. Facebook
2. Thoughts of Magic Blog
3. Norml

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Excerpt From My Book- Intelligence

The following is an excerpt from my book, called "Intelligence". I hope to have it done within the next year or two.

"...With this apocalypse, some world problems had been solved, though not intentionally. Over populating and overcrowding no longer occurred. The plight of the poor and the glorious downfalls of the rich were but a thing of the past; now a fairy tale of some place that seemed to have never existed.

Not all was bleak though; where there is death, there is life, and life flourished after the downfall of man. Trees grew where many had previously been slain by human hands. Survival of the fittest reigned as king once again. The “post-apocalypse” world was not a grey and dismal place; instead it was teeming with life and beauty.

Mother Nature had happily begun to take back most of which Men had stolen from her. Civilizations lay in ruins with plants creeping acre by acre along the earth. The world was once again heading towards being a blue and green planet, spotted with the grey of its former life. The peak of civilization was now laid out like a skeleton, with blooming flowers crawling on its remains. It was the closest thing to a grave the dead would ever get.

But this is not about the beauty and continuation of nature; this is about the saddest creature ever brought into existence. Humans are those creatures, as they are both cursed and blessed with deep emotions and intelligent minds. They are the most irrationally violent of creatures, but are also capable of the greatest compassion..."

Dabbler Artist- With Pictures!!!

All of you know that I write. It's not something you would be surprised about. But let me tell you something only a few certain people know: I like to dabble in different art forms. As well as reading, I love art. My favorite medium is acrylics, but  I have done other forms of art as well. I'm currently working on scrap art, taking different things from Starbucks and putting them together to make a different picture.

One of my earlier paintings:

Two of my recent works:

I also like to cross stitch.


And counted:

Now I've stumbled onto crayon art. Most everyone seems to be doing a rain related theme, if not just a simple rainbow theme, or both.

I think this will be my next project. Except it will have something to do with Game of Thrones. I'm thinking coat of arms.

Monday, April 1, 2013

I'm Straight, and I Love the Gays

First let me say this: exercise and eating healthy makes you feel great. You get more energy, feel more fulfilled, love your body, and organic tastes amazing!!! While I will never be a veggie, (Why? Because I really love the taste of meat. That's my choice!) I am committed to eating veggies with every meal! I've never hated them, I just didn't eat much of them with every meal growing up. Now that I have started to, I'm looking great and feeling better!! Also, I figured out I'm lactose intolerance and now I don't eat anything with dairy in it. It's hard, ( I really love cheese!) but when I eat dairy I get really bloated. One it's not comfortable, and two, everyone thinks I'm pregnant all the time. When it's not true, it's offensive. Since quitting dairy 3 weeks ago, I've lost a few pounds and am almost back to my normal non-pregnant looking size! I miss cheddar cheese, but DAMN this feels more awesome.

Anyways, last Sunday I went with a gay friend of mine and my best friend to a gay pride parade and rally that started out at Stonewall Inn (Where the gay rights movement began!) to a nearby park. You can see me in this video walking past at Stonewall Inn. I'm the blonde with the blue shirt that walks through the middle. Also at this point for marriage equality, I'm in the middle with blonde hair and gray scarf. You can watch a news clip on the rally and what the supreme court is doing. You can also watch a small amount of what was spoken here.

That's enough for links. Let's get to the real story. I have many gay friends, close and distant, and I support every one of their rights. I'm straight, and I think everyone should be allowed equal rights. EVERYONE. If this was 50 years ago, I'd be fighting with the interracial marriage situation the same way the gays are having to fight. I'm in an interracial relationship. I have been for almost 5 years. If someone told me I couldn't marry my boyfriend, because we had different skin, I would be appalled. Who I am with is no one's business but my own. That is the same way I look at the gay rights movement, which is now focusing on marriage.

Last week two cases were heard in the Supreme Court on gay rights. We won't know until June what the verdict will be, but lets hope for a progressive, forward thinking verdict. Here's an article from the Times about it. Make of it what you will. Humans deserve human civil rights.

I seem to be an activist. I'm fighting for things I believe in. Marijuana and gay rights are only the beginning to reforming our nation and the world. We are changing, evolving. Shouldn't the US government evolve with its people?

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Things Are Happening- An Epiphany

Things are happening. The moment I decided to share something with a customer (I'm not talking about something personal... I mean something physical- I'm talking about my resume), things have been happening for me! This feels amazingly wonderful since discovering 5 years ago that I really didn't know what I wanted to do.

I had this whole idea my whole childhood that I wanted to do forensics. I had even picked out what specialty- forensic pathology, which is the person who determines the cause of death when someone dies  "suddenly, unexpectedly, or violently". They are responsible for determining the cause and manner of the death.

I really can't say where I got the idea that I wanted to be one from. I like to think it was because I would love to watch forensic shows with my grandmother in my early youth. Kind of grim now that I think of it, but whatever. I went through my childhood telling everyone that I already knew what I would be, and I would tell them exactly what it was. I didn't think I would ever have to worry about what I would do in life, because I already knew.

I was like this until I got to my first year of college. This was the beginning of my true love for music, my various forms of art, and my writing. This was when I awakened as a person, and when I began to feel like a real human being.

You see, something was missing in my life. Something that I didn't know existed. It was real human interactions. And by this I mean that I found people who would make a connection with me through learning. I could discuss my ideas without being called weird. People expanded on what I thought, they didn't dismiss it.

These feelings are wonderful to those who love philosophy, art, writing, people that are passionate about what they know and love. It was not something I had experienced before.

From that moment on, I wasn't sure about what I wanted anymore. I discovered more and more art and opened my eyes to many awesome new things. I discovered pot, fell in love, got the best dog in the world, and moved to New York City. I changed my major 4 time: Forensic Pathology, Education, Forensic Pathology, Marine Biology-Shark Research, and currently Writing- Editorial. It is writing that I have done all my life. It's not something that is brand new to me, it's something that I discovered long ago.

My parents kept this ugly old book that I had written when I was 6. I rediscovered it a year ago and read it. It wasn't terrible and crude: I started out well... but the ending was crazy. Terrible grammar, stories lead to nowhere. But it was really insightful for a 6 year old.

By finally accepting something that I've done my whole life as something that I actually do for my life has lead me to where I am now. 2 days ago I decided to try to spread word about my blog through other sites. Stumbleupon gave me 300 views in less than one hour- the amount I had before I posted my site to stumpleupon? 600. Amazing! In the last two days I have given my blog and resume to customers at work who showed a genuine interest.

One lead me to a woman whom I had the most amazing three hour conversation after I had gotten off of work. That in itself is another story for another time. But the human connection to someone I had just met was amazing! The revaluations you can have with a total stranger are always very profound. While talking to this wonderful woman, I was overheard by another lady who interrupted  us and told us very nicely that she couldn't help but overhear that I was a writer and about my ideas and she might have a job opportunity for me. I sent her an email with my blog and she responded she will read it and send me an email later about when I would be available next week.

I was so excited I felt like I couldn't contain myself! I talked faster, and my hands were shaking slightly. Not because I was afraid. Oh no. I was just so excited with life and where it was taking me!

Me! Doing something I've always loved, but never considered for a career.

Me- a writer.

Monday, March 25, 2013

12 Things About New York City: Basic Tips and Etiquette.

Today my good friend Emilie sent me a link on facebook asking me what was true. I found myself having more than "lol" to say, so I decided to write the thoughts down to share with you. Here is my assessment:

#23- In my time here, I haven't heard of or seen this scam. I will keep an eye out for it though. You will know if I hear of it.

#56- I've had a few situations like this, but not all the time is the empty car suspicious. If it is during the busy time (which is a lot), then you want to beware! I've been on an oddly empty car once during a busy time. When you got inside , it smelled like a homeless man dipped in the foulest vomit and feces that you ever did smell. Most people will change cars at the next stop. So if you see lots of people switching away from a car, (duh) don't go in that one.

If this happens during the slow time (mostly late nights), it isn't too much of a cause for concern. Most of the cars will be empty.

#35- I knew this back in Florida. It's very rainy there most summers. Every day at 2pm.

#17- OMG HAHAHA! This is true. The amount of revolving doors here is nuts! My theory is that since a lot of the buildings are old around here, they all had to have been built at around the same time, when revolving doors were in fashion.

#64- This hasn't happened to me yet, but I can believe it.

#47- Yea.... I moved here towards the end of a record-breakingly hot summer. I experienced a bit of AC Rain. It makes you feel gross because your first thought was that it might have been urine.

#76- Hahahahha!! I'm always on the other end of this- having to try to take orders from someone who is blabbing on the phone. Someone I work with will ask the person on the cell phone one question. If they don't respond within 10 seconds, they get skipped!!  I'm too nice... I ask twice.

#81- This is very true. There are loads of bicyclists here. It's faster than going by car in Manhattan during most peak hours. Many are food delivery guys. Our city would be lost without them. Don't ruin our city and their lives!

#43- While working at my Starbucks store, if you are on bar, you can always feel the air come in when someone holds the door open. If you aren't holding it for someone else to exit or enter, don't be the butt munch who causes everyone else's discomfort. It's rude, and ain't nobody got time for that!

#58- True. We don't give a shit... about your picture. In fact, we like to bomb them! Hurry up and take the damn picture! You've got three seconds at best.

#72- This sucks. You'll be texting your friend about whatever and you get completely cut off from the world until you get above ground again. Oh well, time to play Temple Run!!!

#97- I'm not much of a heel-wearer (I love them, I just never wear them), but even I know that heel bearers always make extra special sure to stay away from anything that isn't solid concrete: grates, sewer covers, dirt, bricks/cobblestones. Avoid at all costs! Besides being late, you can break an ankle!!!