Monday, April 8, 2013

Want To Be In One Of My Blog Posts?

Want to be in one of my blog posts?

Give me a few seconds of your time, and you could be in one!

Answer these 2 questions for me:

In the past 48 hours, what are three random things that you have searched for on your phone's internet browser?

1. Polygamy
2. Giant Squids
3. The World's Population

What top 3 sites do you look at on your phone's internet browser?
1. Facebook
2. Thoughts of Magic Blog
3. Norml

1 comment:

  1. Question 1:
    1- how long are babies at birth
    2- can puppies drink human breatmilk
    3- where is purchase, ny

    Question 2:
    1- facebook
    2- linkedin