Friday, May 3, 2013

The Adventures of Link, the Awesome Pug

Hi. My Name is Link.

I'm the happiest pug in the world.

I love my mom and my dad.

I'm a little bit of a creeper.

I'm a bit of a funny sleeper.

I love to run and feel the sun on my back and the grass beneath my toes.

I'm silly.

I love to pose for pictures.

And I love to lick my nose.

I can do tricks, and I know many many words and phrases.

I'm also really cute.

This is me with some of my friends.

Here's me and my mom:

And me and my daddy:

And me and my bestest friend Martine!

I love to watch people outside go by.

You can find me and my adventures here.

Here's a few extra pictures of me! Woof woof!!!