Monday, March 25, 2013

12 Things About New York City: Basic Tips and Etiquette.

Today my good friend Emilie sent me a link on facebook asking me what was true. I found myself having more than "lol" to say, so I decided to write the thoughts down to share with you. Here is my assessment:

#23- In my time here, I haven't heard of or seen this scam. I will keep an eye out for it though. You will know if I hear of it.

#56- I've had a few situations like this, but not all the time is the empty car suspicious. If it is during the busy time (which is a lot), then you want to beware! I've been on an oddly empty car once during a busy time. When you got inside , it smelled like a homeless man dipped in the foulest vomit and feces that you ever did smell. Most people will change cars at the next stop. So if you see lots of people switching away from a car, (duh) don't go in that one.

If this happens during the slow time (mostly late nights), it isn't too much of a cause for concern. Most of the cars will be empty.

#35- I knew this back in Florida. It's very rainy there most summers. Every day at 2pm.

#17- OMG HAHAHA! This is true. The amount of revolving doors here is nuts! My theory is that since a lot of the buildings are old around here, they all had to have been built at around the same time, when revolving doors were in fashion.

#64- This hasn't happened to me yet, but I can believe it.

#47- Yea.... I moved here towards the end of a record-breakingly hot summer. I experienced a bit of AC Rain. It makes you feel gross because your first thought was that it might have been urine.

#76- Hahahahha!! I'm always on the other end of this- having to try to take orders from someone who is blabbing on the phone. Someone I work with will ask the person on the cell phone one question. If they don't respond within 10 seconds, they get skipped!!  I'm too nice... I ask twice.

#81- This is very true. There are loads of bicyclists here. It's faster than going by car in Manhattan during most peak hours. Many are food delivery guys. Our city would be lost without them. Don't ruin our city and their lives!

#43- While working at my Starbucks store, if you are on bar, you can always feel the air come in when someone holds the door open. If you aren't holding it for someone else to exit or enter, don't be the butt munch who causes everyone else's discomfort. It's rude, and ain't nobody got time for that!

#58- True. We don't give a shit... about your picture. In fact, we like to bomb them! Hurry up and take the damn picture! You've got three seconds at best.

#72- This sucks. You'll be texting your friend about whatever and you get completely cut off from the world until you get above ground again. Oh well, time to play Temple Run!!!

#97- I'm not much of a heel-wearer (I love them, I just never wear them), but even I know that heel bearers always make extra special sure to stay away from anything that isn't solid concrete: grates, sewer covers, dirt, bricks/cobblestones. Avoid at all costs! Besides being late, you can break an ankle!!!

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  1. These are so cute and so true. When i lived up there, many years ago, I remember most women would wear sneakers to work and change when they got in the office. I would suspect to avoid #97, Hahaha.
    And going upstream to catch a cab, I've done it before, felt bad about it but yes it works.