Friday, January 18, 2013

Have you ever felt strong feelings for a place? Not a person, or a thing, but a place. Something that cannot be moved? A large, or small, area of land? Your favorite childhood place?

I never completely understood the concept of loving a place like some people love their countries. It goes without saying, but I don't love my country. I don't hate it either. I'm merely apathetic about that. I have had a growing sense of my country, and from that sense more respect and some small feelings. Nothing that I would move mountains for.

Then I moved to New York City.

I had my doubts about moving to the city at first. I was leery of the crime, mostly. Then I started thinking about it. I had never been. How was I to know what the crime was like there? What I hear on movies doesn't make it factual... it just makes for good entertainment. So I decided to move here before I even saw the city, because I like doing things like that. I wanted to see where the wind would take me.

The moment I stepped out of the airport and into the fresh air it was as if my whole life just started over again. Everything around me was vibrant and bright. Before even stepping onto the ground with my own being, I knew I was meant to be here.

It was love at first sight. I never wanted to leave.

I had to, to come back and plan the move, but I swear I left a piece of me behind. Well, I did, I left Luis because he was starting work, but I can't make this sound terribly romantic. That's not the point!

The point is that I became enamored with the city and now it stirs deep emotions within me... patriotic ones. I am loyal to this city. I love it so much. It fills me with awe and wonder.

"The city is my church"- The Vacationers

I've found my god.

Friday, January 11, 2013

If It Affects You, Don't You Want To Know About It?

While being my usual self today, I was watching the video from the latest post on facebook from NORML.  That video is this:

Or click here.

First, I must ask you to completely disregard his t-shirt. Yes, it does say "Chick-fil A-holes".  While the whole "Chic-fil-a" fiasco last year with the big shot of the company coming out to say he does not support gay marriage and neither does his company is still fresh in many people's minds, I can happily say that it is no longer relevant. It was getting really annoying. And I'm pro-equality. I don't care if you let people marry themselves!! Hey, if it's true love, who are we to say no? 

Har har.

Continuing... I want all those who watched/will watch this video disregard his shirt because that's not the focal point here.

What is the focal point?  I'm so stoked you asked.

The focal point is something that I believe in as if I have never believed in anything in my whole life. It is marijuana and our fight to legalize it. 

There are really so many things I could, and want to say about this topic because it fills me with such a fervor to think that this is something illegal. But because I want to keep these short and sweet for everyone involved, let me just say this tiny thing.

What do you think of the legalization of marijuana? Do you agree with what's in this video? Do you think we are doing it right?

And after you answer those questions, I ask you to do a little research on it. Norml is a great place to begin.