Thursday, April 4, 2013

Excerpt From My Book- Intelligence

The following is an excerpt from my book, called "Intelligence". I hope to have it done within the next year or two.

"...With this apocalypse, some world problems had been solved, though not intentionally. Over populating and overcrowding no longer occurred. The plight of the poor and the glorious downfalls of the rich were but a thing of the past; now a fairy tale of some place that seemed to have never existed.

Not all was bleak though; where there is death, there is life, and life flourished after the downfall of man. Trees grew where many had previously been slain by human hands. Survival of the fittest reigned as king once again. The “post-apocalypse” world was not a grey and dismal place; instead it was teeming with life and beauty.

Mother Nature had happily begun to take back most of which Men had stolen from her. Civilizations lay in ruins with plants creeping acre by acre along the earth. The world was once again heading towards being a blue and green planet, spotted with the grey of its former life. The peak of civilization was now laid out like a skeleton, with blooming flowers crawling on its remains. It was the closest thing to a grave the dead would ever get.

But this is not about the beauty and continuation of nature; this is about the saddest creature ever brought into existence. Humans are those creatures, as they are both cursed and blessed with deep emotions and intelligent minds. They are the most irrationally violent of creatures, but are also capable of the greatest compassion..."

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