Monday, April 1, 2013

I'm Straight, and I Love the Gays

First let me say this: exercise and eating healthy makes you feel great. You get more energy, feel more fulfilled, love your body, and organic tastes amazing!!! While I will never be a veggie, (Why? Because I really love the taste of meat. That's my choice!) I am committed to eating veggies with every meal! I've never hated them, I just didn't eat much of them with every meal growing up. Now that I have started to, I'm looking great and feeling better!! Also, I figured out I'm lactose intolerance and now I don't eat anything with dairy in it. It's hard, ( I really love cheese!) but when I eat dairy I get really bloated. One it's not comfortable, and two, everyone thinks I'm pregnant all the time. When it's not true, it's offensive. Since quitting dairy 3 weeks ago, I've lost a few pounds and am almost back to my normal non-pregnant looking size! I miss cheddar cheese, but DAMN this feels more awesome.

Anyways, last Sunday I went with a gay friend of mine and my best friend to a gay pride parade and rally that started out at Stonewall Inn (Where the gay rights movement began!) to a nearby park. You can see me in this video walking past at Stonewall Inn. I'm the blonde with the blue shirt that walks through the middle. Also at this point for marriage equality, I'm in the middle with blonde hair and gray scarf. You can watch a news clip on the rally and what the supreme court is doing. You can also watch a small amount of what was spoken here.

That's enough for links. Let's get to the real story. I have many gay friends, close and distant, and I support every one of their rights. I'm straight, and I think everyone should be allowed equal rights. EVERYONE. If this was 50 years ago, I'd be fighting with the interracial marriage situation the same way the gays are having to fight. I'm in an interracial relationship. I have been for almost 5 years. If someone told me I couldn't marry my boyfriend, because we had different skin, I would be appalled. Who I am with is no one's business but my own. That is the same way I look at the gay rights movement, which is now focusing on marriage.

Last week two cases were heard in the Supreme Court on gay rights. We won't know until June what the verdict will be, but lets hope for a progressive, forward thinking verdict. Here's an article from the Times about it. Make of it what you will. Humans deserve human civil rights.

I seem to be an activist. I'm fighting for things I believe in. Marijuana and gay rights are only the beginning to reforming our nation and the world. We are changing, evolving. Shouldn't the US government evolve with its people?

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