Friday, December 7, 2012

Thoughts on My Younger Self

So, being my usual self today, I started reflecting on the past (mine), and found myself going through the things I had done or said when younger, as if they were clips being played on You Tube. One thing I had to think about is how my perception of people has changed. The example I thought of was how I used to think that everyone who did "drugs" were bad. You can ask why.

Why? Because it was instilled in me and I didn't know of any other terrible scenario than the ones I were taught. That's not the main point I'm making, but it is important to think about.

Now, my views are that you can't judge people for one aspect of their life. People need to be seen as a whole, multifaceted gem, that has very good qualities to very bad. I can use this in an example that would be suitable to my own life: Just because someone has read/seen the Twilight Series, and LIKES it, doesn't mean that they have no literary taste.

As much as I have a strong dislike (some might say hate) for Twilight overall, everything about that series (i. e. they were written poor, she has no range of vocabulary, the plot lines don't always make sense, etc...), I have to admit that some people can like the movie/books and still be productive members of society.

"I really hate that."

That's what I'd say if I was trying to make this a joke. It's not. I can still have respect for people who like Twilight, as much as it kills me to admit it.

So, this is killing me.

Anyways, the point I was trying to make is, that now I'm older, I can see people for their many qualities and "judge" them with that instead of one "negative" quality.  And yes I say judge because everyone does it. Judging is not always bad.

Therefore, I no longer think that do "drugs" are automatically bad people (actually, I've been thinking that for years, but that's besides the point).

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