Tuesday, February 5, 2013

She Loves the City

I think I figured out more to why I love this city so much. After recently seeing parts of it that I hadn't seen before, I've had a realization that everything I love so much is the product of human creativity and ingenuity. While I marvel at the force of earth created things like those I see In the serene Central Park, what attracts me so much to the urban culture is the humanity of it. No matter what, the knowledge that my kind has made all of this possible is awe inspiring. I see humans that posess the capability to coexist with each other in what is a mostly beneficial way.

I feel that if someone doesn't understand this feeling, it is because they haven't been influenced by an extraordinary experience of human force.

They are like new seeds, not yet planted. For the moment they lay dormant. But once given the chance, they will spring to life.

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